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Take a Chance on Me

 Category: Romance

Can love be picture-perfect?

Rachel Price has a near-perfect life: she’s an avid reader working in a bookstore which is located across from her favorite chocolate shop and runs a lively book club. The only things missing are a man to rival her many book boyfriends and the courage to pursue her dream of being a published author.

Tom Haynes loves his career as a photographer for surfing competitions. He gets to travel the world, eat delicious local cuisine, visit gorgeous beaches, and hang out with his best friend. Everything’s perfect…if you don’t count the accident that destroyed his own surfing career and cost him his fiancée. Even if he wanted to risk loving again, his nomadic life doesn’t exactly lend itself to relationships.

It’s hard to deny their chemistry, but if they want to commit to seeing if things can work, Rachel must confront the fears keeping her from her dreams while Tom decides if he’s strong enough to take another chance at love.

This strangers-to-lovers contemporary romance has humor, lots of book references, chocolate, travel, and steamy kisses.

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